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No spark on crank. Ignition test runs fine.


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Hello. I just finished wiring up a Silver G4 Xtreme to my Honda D15, converted to COP using K24 ignition coils and verifying connectivity.

Trigger 1 is a VR sensor reading an OE Honda CKF wheel mounted on the crank with 12 evenly spaced teeth.

Trigger 2 is a Hall effect sensor that produces 1 pulse per engine cycle.

Both triggers are being read by the ECU and I can see around 150 RPM displayed when I crank the engine.

However, there is no spark while cranking. I tried to follow the trigger calibration procedure and locked timing to 10* but the timing light wouldn't come on. So I checked with an external spark plug and sure enough there was no spark. When I run ignition tests, every coil operates perfectly fine and there is spark. Am I missing something here?

Attaching the calibration file for your reference.




G4 Xtreme D15B Sample.pcl

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I managed to get it to work although I don't understand why this happened.

The trigger wheel on the crank has 12 teeth.

Having some experience with Haltech ECUs, I selected Crank in Multi-tooth Posn and entered Tooth Count 24 assuming it was for a complete engine cycle . Figured that I'd have to change that value to 12 because cranking RPM values seemed suspiciously low - around half of what I expected to see. Changed it to 12 and bam!

Still, like I said, I don't understand why the previous setting didn't produce any spark whatsoever. Is there a minimum cranking speed somewhere that caused this?

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Well done on resolving the issue.

Most likely although your engine speed was reading a stable number, the Trig 1 Err counter would have been incrementing as the relationship between the cam and crank was not what was expected. Therefore the ECU did not know what the engine position was, and so did not correctly control the ignition outputs. 


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Thank you Scott.

I have another question about Trigger Offset.

The label next to the box says Degrees BTDC and looking at the examples provided in the Help file as well as the numbers I've had to punch in, it expects a negative number. I think this is a bit confusing. Wouldn't a negative number BTDC logically mean ATDC? I get a Home pulse 130 crankshaft degrees before Cylinder 1 TDC, so wouldn't 130* BTDC in that box make more sense than -130* BTDC?

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The trigger offset that is required depends on the engine, position of sensors and trigger wheels, and trigger mode used. The range of values that can be used goes from -360 to +360, and often the number is positive rather than negative. Using a distributor or wasted spark setup will have an effect on this also.


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