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looking for someone to help build a map


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i recently took a log file and i would love if someone could have a look and build a new log file for me its a 99 honda accord 2.3l 5 spd. 9 psi boost is what my max is 6000rpm max. running 94 octane pump gas , i can pay someone if neccessary. thanks for the help.



Log 2016-10-22 3;11;58 pm.llg

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Hi Spyder,

I took a brief look over your log, it mostly appears that the engine is running ok. What is the issue you are having?

There's a few things I'd change like your TPS appears to be a switch type (or possibly faulty) so you have no acceleration enrichment working.

I'd be prepared to build you a map but when working remotely I have to rely on you to get most of the basic fundamentals right such as the trigger Cal and fuel pressure etc.  Are you capable of using a timing light etc and checking these basics with some direction from me?

 where are you in the world?

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