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Throttle blip input from DBW


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I want to change to a drive by wire throttle body but can't until the ECU can accept a throttle blip input for when I'm downshifting with my seq. gearbox.

I'm using an external Gearbox Control Unit for the paddle shift. Today I'm using a pneumatic blipper on the throttle wire activated from the GCU. If the ECU would accept a signal to blip the DBW the GCU could instead initiate this signal to the ECU.

Ideally in the software is should be a target TP% or target rpm spanned per gear.


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I haven't thought this scenario through completely since I don't have much experience when a GCU is added into the mix, but under "gear shift control" couldn't you just assign a DI to "Down shift", set the shift start and end modes to DI,  then use the "overrun downshift throttle trim"?

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Another option is to have dual throttle tables. These can be switched based on a digital input which can be triggered from the same out put as the pneumatic blipper  was.

The table axis is adjustable so should be able to be setup to suit


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