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engine light no fault codes? new to link


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Im new to link ecu and i got a subaru v8 prodrive group n car i recently built a new engine for that i sadly never got to drive before the engine failure. But as i was going trough the tune the engine light turns on over 6000 rpm and turns off below. I dont get any fault codes and every thing runs fine.

As i never used a link ecu before im a little bit lost and need some help to figure out what is going on.

Here is the file used in the car

Subaru WRX V8 prodrive gr n org aspen r.lnk

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Aux 5 is the output that controls your CE light.  In your .pclr the Aux 5 is set up as a "GP Output" that switches on any time the engine RPM is above 5700RPM.  So basically it is set up as a "shift light".

If you want to restore the check engine/fault code function to this light just change the Aux 5 output function to "CE Light".

Capture.pngimage url upload

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