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Injector Last pulse problem


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Hi i have problem about fury while starting (cranking).

In case of engine can rev up to idle, ever thing ok.

But, in case of engine cannot rev up, when i release the start button, engine stall down to stop.
I found randomly what ecu will open injector approximation 1 sec.
In logger shows rpm very high (13000++), and the injection time is 4.xx-5.xx ms. until rpm equals zero.  
I use AEM EPM for crank cam.

In this cases happen offensively while battery lower 10.5 volt while cranking.  


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Well as the main rpm limiter does not have a post startup lockout its probably that whats causing it to stop. The RPM limiter kicks in stalling it when your trigger says its at 13000. Should be fine once you figure out your trigger problems. EPM doesnt exactly have a good reputation...


Regardless. A logfile would help pinpoint the problem. 

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