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Cooling fan setup and Idle up for power steering help!!

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Hi I have an Evo 8 260 and i have tried lots of setups to get my cooling fans working correctly on my plugin G4 there must be someone out there that has had the same issue fans stay on all the time. Also I cant seem to get my power steering idle up working in the help it says you need to setup a power steering pump as a digital input but I have no space!!


Please guys please help as driving me mad!!

Thanks Paul


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Hi Scott,

Old thread but I'd like to mention I am having issues with my Fan control as well. I cannot get my fan to be controlled through PWM. I followed the setup video in the post and Regardless of settings, it just always seems to stay on. I can get the fan to work using the standard fan control and switching the polarity to high. However I find it rather annoying to have my fan run on max at idle when it could run a 50% and keep the engine at sufficient temps. Any other advice? I was able to control the fan with PWM using the stock ecu. Thanks!

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