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Need help for auto tune system for g4+atom


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Yes you can connect the LM2 to the ecu to get auto tuning to work. 

I typically don't use auto tuning on any application, I can typically get the job done faster manually.

Also keep in mind that the "auto tuning" is only for the fuel map side of things, you will still need to tune the timing map.

You will want to start with a conservative timing table if using the auto tuning. 

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You will want to connect the 'Analog Out 1 + (Lime Green)' to the ECU's AN Volt channel, and the 'Analog Out 1 - (Yellow)' to the ECUs Gnd Out or Sensor Ground.

Configure the An Volt channel as Lambda and select the Innovate LC-1 calibration (it is the same as the LM-2).


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