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Kurofune using OEM AMP/TE plugs


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The link Kurofune looks to use 3 of the 4 AMP/TE connectors that are used on the factory FD RX7 loom.

I know that the pin positions are different but is there any reason the Factory wire harness cannon be re pinned to plug into the Kurofune?

I assume all it needs is the pins/wires to match the ECU outputs? (or swap a wire or two from big to small crimps)

This seems like a straight forward task as I just replaced the plugs 3 weeks ago after a pervious owner destroyed the clips.


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Thank you Scott


For the memory the S6 plug in is very limited with very few inputs/outputs..

Will there be any issues with the outputs either being high or low that don’t match the OEM wire loom. i.e triggering Relays to ground or +12?

Also it is compatible with the factory sensors and trigger? Would it run the OMP?


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The only special hardware we have on the RX7 S6 plug-in ECU is for the A/C request. This comes in on pin 79 and comes in on Digital Input 3. The signal from the A/C controller only drops down to 1.5-2.5v (depending on blower fan speed), this is not enough to always trigger the digital input channel.

Both the Kurofune and RX7 S6 plug-in ECU work with the standard sensors and triggers. Something will likely need to be done for the A/C request signal if you use the Kurofune.

Both ECUs will run the Oil Metering Pump.


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