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Mazda KFZE/KLZE V6 trigger mode

rudy shahrin

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Hi all,

Has anybody been playing around with this engine? The ecu is G4+ Xtreme Black.

Need a trigger info for the said engine. Attached are the stock trigger mechanism. 

The first photo is from the KLZE; Hall effect type, 6 legged for trigger1 and a halfmoon for trigger2.20170205_130926.thumb.jpg.1583ebfc6be1e6


This one is from a KFZE,  with a VR sensor at the crank pulley as trigger1 . The distributor is same as KLZE except there's only the trigger2 plate inside it.



Hope somebody willing to share before I start wiring in.


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Both versions would be set up nearly the same: trigger 1 is multitooth mode, trigger 2 is cam level mode. The engine that has both triggers attached to cam, trigger 1 should be set with 12 teeth.

for the engine that has the trigger on bottom pulley set number of teeth to 6. Also judging from the shape of the teeth, this one looks like it might use a reluctor type sensor.

edited later: sorry I see you did already mention the KF was a vr sensor.

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Hi Simon,

I got the engine running with 1 tooth per TDC mode. Now the problem is, the engine speed (RPM) seems inaccurate in PCLink.

It idles at around 2.5k - 3k rpm although the engine doesn't sound like it. Connects to the stock tacho, also it show as per PC link. Took for a drive around the block in 2nd & 3rd gear, the rpm show around 5k- 5.5k. Is this a trigger mode issue? I'll post the map and the log file later.



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Ok, I see your problem.  It was probably due to mine and Simon's conflicting advice above (i think it was before my morning coffee).  You need multitooth mode for the 6 tooth pulley.  Set up like example below.  Note you will have to set base timing again after making this change.


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