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I need advise on how to hook up the extras on my brand new G4+ VLLink HVLC+

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I Just bought a brand new G4+ VLLink / HVLC+ for my manual SL VL Turbo RB30ET and id like to hook up these extras i have purchased :

XSL loom, six LS2 coils, LC-2 wide band O2 sensor, boost solenoid, air temps sensor & possibly more.

I have looked around and i cant find much at all on doing this. If i could get some advise that would be great. Cheers

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You will need 2 XSL looms.  Coils will be connected to IGN 1 to 6.  Wideband can go to any of the AN volt wires.  Temp sensors can go to any of the ANTemp wires.  



For the boost solenoid you dont have many spare outputs availible on that ecu.  Probably aux 5 on Pin 19 will be the best.  This originally controls the solenoid on the FPR but most people dont use it.




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Thanks for that i have now downloaded the newest software and im looking through it.

Ok so i need to buy 1 more xsl loom, will do now.
Now i have seen the diagram how do i physically connect it all ?? 
Theres 4 pins per coil but 1 pin for it on ecu.
Wideband LC-2 O2 sensor has 6 pins but 1 pin for it on ecu.
Air temp sensor/ boost solenoid 2 pins each but 1 pin each for them on ecu. etc

Is there any other add ons you would suggest i get whilst im at it ? thankyou


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I'm sorry I dont know how to say this any nicer to not offend you but I think from the questions you are asking it might be best to get someone that knows the basics of electrics to do this for you.  Otherwise there is a good chance you are going to end up with some expensive fried parts.  Most of the info you are asking for is in the help file.

Coil wiring:



Wideband - only the ground and analog signal are connected to the ECU.  Any other wires will need to be connected as per the wideband manufacturers manual.


Temp sensors: 



Boost solenoid:


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Thanks for that.

I didnt know all that stuff was in there. Dont worry about me frying parts i just need correct answers.
Generally everyone starts from somewhere & for me its here If i dont ask & try i dont learn, if i just pay all the time im a quitter. Life 101

The initial dyno tune i wont attempt.


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