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OBD2, Dash2pro and Gaugeart on same CAN


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Hey all


Currently on my CAN1 I have my lambda sensor which runs at 1mbit 

and on

CAN2 I have my gaugeart, dash2pro and OBD2 port


The problem I am having is that the gaugeart and dash2pro both run at 1mbit and the OBD2 at 500kb. If I set the CAN port to one or the other either the OBD2 doesn't work or the gaugeart/dash2pro doesn't work

It is my understanding that having multiple devices on the CAN slows the speed down, I am therefore reluctant to put the gaugeart and dash2pro no the CAN1 as I want the lambda to be running as fast as possible without chance of slowdown.

My question is, could I use a resistor or something to trick the OBD2 port to think it is only running at 500kb while I have the actual port set to 1Mbit to run the other devices ?


Thanks in advance

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The Obd2 will need to be on its own CAN bus.  CAN Lambda, dash2pro & Gaugeart will all be fine together on the same Bus and there will be no speed implications.

Ok great, so long  as there is absolutely no possible chance it could interfere or slow down my CAN lambda in anyways then I will do that 


Thanks again

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