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Toyota 2hzgte vvti throttle settings


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I have the 2jzgte vvti with dBW type electric throttle. 


With my vipec I killed one electric motor. 

Now with the link fury yesterday on track seems motor over exerted and I ended up with stripped gears in the throttle body. 


I'm using the settings as per the base maps. 

Max clamp 95 Min clamp - 95


Are these settings too harsh or should I be looking elsewhere for the issue on why it's doing this. 


I'm also looking at swapping to a porsche /Bosch 997 82mm Tb. 

With a lexus sc430 pedal for the tps. 

Using these two how many extra wires over the toyota 2j vvti Tb setup will I need to use to make this setup work? 

Is there any diagrams for the Bosch 997 Tb pin outs? Same for the lexus pedal tps? 



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One trick is to have the throttle not chasing 100% have the max target at 98% that way it will not be trying to drive against a stop. Same for closed throttle make the minimum the value needed for idle even at the higher RPMs.


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