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G4+ Storm (black) communications port


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Hi, I'm using the G4+ Storm (black) ecu that uses the link proprietary usb cable to connect to the ecu, unline the atom/monsoon which uses the generic usb mini port. My question is does the storm connect via serial?

From the help files it says this communications port (pictures attached) isn't available for storm. I'm guessing it is referring to CAN which the storm has a wired pin out on the ecu loom itself.

I'm planning to do a connection to the ecu wirelessly. If the ecu communicates via serial I'm guessing it would be possible to use a wireless rs232 connection?



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The Tuning port on the Storm black is USB only.  There is a USB to RS232 chipset inside the ecu so it is only USB data that goes through the tuning port.

There is no RS232 available on this ECU.  Wireless comms is not going to be easy...    

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Thanks Adam!

I'll try and figure out if i can get usb to communicate over the air. not sure if a usb to usb wireless dongles exists. But is only the storm or the rest of the range i.e fury and extreme can do rs232?

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I tried the old "cables unlimited" wireless usb dongles about 10 years ago and they were hopeless then.  I havent tried any of the USB server or USB>IP devices.  There is also meant to be a new MA-USB standard coming out soon to give better wireless usb but I havent yet seen any devices that use it.

The Xtreme, Fury, Thunder & plugin ecus have 2 x CAN ports and 1 x RS232.  The Storm only has 1 x CAN.  I just noticed also that our webpage for the Storm has a typo on it that says it has RS232 so sorry if that has added to the confusion.  I will get that fixed up.

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