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X Y Graph on Tuning Page

Anthony Parle

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I want to take the 0 - 5V output from my dyno and use the G4+ to log it as I tune which is no big deal.  The bit I wanted to do that I can't figure out, is it possible to get a X Y graph to appear on the tuning page or for me to be able to have the fuel and timing table on the log Tab so I can adjust them based on what I see on the graph.  The reason I would prefer the graph then say a gauge is because of the ability to look at the change over time.

The other option is it possible to run the software on two computer screens with two Tabs open at once?


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I think you actually want a "Time Plot", our "XY Plot" is actually more like a scatter graph, where as it sounds like you want a trendline type display.

So yes you can do this.  Just right click on any spare space on your tuning page then >new view>Time plot.  Choose the parameters you want to display and the time base scale etc.  You will need PC Logging running during tuning for this plot to be live (F8 to start logging or set up some auto start conditions).

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On this topic... if we setup like this (for instance, I've added a "Time Plot" and added Boost Target and MAP to this as parameters... will this allow me to see a chart while the engine is running, live, if I press F8 when ready to go?

I'm collecting the car (which has a Fury on it) at the weekend, but trying to prepare the layout now.


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