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Analog 5v supply error (mesuared at 6v)


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ran into some issues today. Got a G4extreme installed for nearly 5 years, and today while driving, suddenly the the MAP reading went from 90kpaish to 240kpa and ect from 80'c to 130'c

car overfueled and it threw a Analog 5v supply error code.

I've cut the +5v cable 2inches from the ecu connector and measured the voltage to be 6.1volt. Must be a internal problem?

the software reads Analog supply as 5v.

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ive tried but the sensor (green) wires as well as disconnected my 5v sensors and tempsensors


5v sensors = oil pressure, fuel pressure, tps and map

temp = ect + iat

still reads the same. Also if i measure the red/white 8v i got 9.1volt

wierd that it no longer throws the code and the ecu reports 5.01volt but i've tried 2 diffrent voltmeters and it's indeed 6volt

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This seems petty odd for both the 5V regulator and 8V regulator to die at the same time with the same 1.1V offset...

Have you done as Clint suggested above by powering up the ECU on the bench with nothing else connected except for just the main gnd and +14V? 

If you have done that test and still get odd voltages then you will have to return the ECU for inspection/repair.

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