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Can errors after power cycle


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I just added a KMS>EGT CAN devise to CAN channel 1 which is transmitting data to my AIM dash. When I configure it and hit apply both devises will work just fine. If I power cycle I get transmit and receive errors as well as a stuff error and bit dominant error. If I unplug the KMS devise and power cycle, the dash will work and then I plug in the KMS devise and the EGT will work. Must be something goofy happening with the key on. Its a race car with a simple switch to power on the ecu and the ecu triggers relays for power distribution. I have gotten it to work while power cycling but 9 times out of 10 it will error out and kill the CAN to the dash. Any advise here.

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We have only ever had this reported a couple of times from users with multiple KMS devices. Unfortunately we dont have any here to test ourselves.  If any of you want to send us a couple we will gladly do some testing and see if we can find what is upsetting the CAN bus.  

I think I remember another user I helped sometime ago we got it to be more reliable by powering up one of the devices via an ECU aux, so we could then set up a timer and power up the devices in a specific order, which they seemed to be happier with.


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