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good day

I am brand new to this tuning software and I am lost. I am working on  a 2004 mini cooper s r53. I installed a v88 computer? not even sure if this is correct, plug and play into the car. reason why was because the motor has been modded out, makes way more boost than stock, has 550 cc bosch ev14 injectors. the car starts and runs. I've set up tps map baro and so forth. where do I find the trigger calibration I keep reading about? I can find the trigger pid after tons of reading and looking but it doesn't have a calibration pid I can select, do I need to or not? I don't get any synch errors so I dunno. plus where in the tune file do I change the injector sizing? I have never used this software before, have used others like hp tuner, diablo, sct but this is all new and for the life of me I cant find my way around the software. I read the quick start guide and every thing else I could but I'm obviously missing something. I would really appreciate some help, guidance here.


thank you


d and d auto


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There is no "injector sizing" as the V88 was purely a pulsewidth based fuel model, not VE based like most OEM systems you have mentioned.  The closest thing to a "injector sizing" is what we call "master fuel"  You will find this under ECU settings>Fuel>Fuel main.  Notice if you click on any setting the help browser to the right should update to the relevant page and explain what most settings do:






"Trigger calibration" just means syncing the base timing so that if for instance the ECU commands 20deg you know that is what the engine is actually receiving.  Again, the procedure is explained in the help browser once you click on the set base timing field.






This old video may help you with some of the navigation and software features:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Hb04S07IA0&t=212s

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Adam this mini does not have a timing mark to reference so how do I synch the timing? I have the injectors set up. this is a highly modified cooper and I need to make sure the timing is right so it doesn't self destruct, with my help of coarse.

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