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link g4+ ethrottle and idle


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Yes im back again requesting more info,

Can i please ask the specific ethrottle operation in regards to an engine returning to idle and how the base throttle plate position is calculated.

Is it taking the ethrottle target table setting and adding it to the base idle position? 

My problem is i can generate a fairly stable idle with closed loop isc with the ethrottle and gratuitous use of idle ignition control but if the engine is revved the base position generates a stall as its too low,

If it is a small say 300 rpm rev the throttle plate does not drop back as low as it does from a big rev watching it in the tp main setting.

Prop gain and anti stall gain can be set anywhere from .5 their max (5 gain / 25 anti stall) and dont make a lick of diff.

Setting my base idle target % high enough to stop a stall results in an idle way too high.

When i ran a solenoid isc it seemed to drop to my set base pos then slowly drop down to the idle speed but this is different on the ethrottle settings.

Any advice appreciated - again its a 50 year engine with a myriad of superchargers and modifications and different manufacturers parts so there is no baseline as such but it is 1.6 litres, 4 cyl and using a mini cooper r53 ethrottle body so all ethrottle body settings are r53 and the tbody tracks perfect.



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Hi Adam,

Just to close this off i spent a lot of time trying everything to catch the stall - as i said the gain and anti stall did zip from max to min values.

It really needed a dashpot style fall to idle - which when ethrottle is setup the hold table is removed. 

I managed to create a vitual dashpot using a virtual auxillary triggering a timer and that timer controlling a slowed return to idle using the 3D idle table.

Works very well and might be something others could use if they have a similar problem.

My engine has a very light flywheel and two charger bypasses and 550cc under runner injectors, big cam, remote ethrottle body, head flowed to hell and back etc etc etc all on a 1565cc engine so the combination is probably hard to tune but this made it very well behaved.

Have attached the tune in case anyone else has a similar problem.

Thanks again Adam and please pass on thanks to the engineers, support etc as the g4+ really is excellent.


Renault R8 with v-dashpot.pclr

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