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1jzgte vvti IAC Issues


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Car: 2004 Toyota Mark II

Ecu Model: G4+ Storm Black

Engine: 1jzgte vvti (non fbw)

The car hasn't been tuned fully since it is basically a new project but it was tuned for everyday off boost driving at the moment. My original iscv stopped working and I replaced it with a PHR Ford IAC (2 wire) solenoid.

1) Aux Outputs 5, 6, 7 and 8 were used for the factory iscv stepper motor

2) I installed the PHR IAC and wired it up.

3) Aux Output 5 was used to power the new iac as well as one of the power wires (Pin 2) from the factory iscv

4)Aux 6,7 and 8 were turned off and Aux 5 relabeled ISC Solenoid as the function instead of ISC stepper  and the frequency was placed at 200Hz

Everything everything else remained untouched within the ecu


The problem I'm having is that when I tried to start the car it would immediately start, rev to 2000 rpm and then immediately die. I didn't hear the iac pulling air as it should be. i started and kept my foot on the throttle and while revving it I would hear the iac pulling the air as I did this. This obviously meant that the valve was open while on throttle but closed while off throttle. I think this meant that the iac wasn't actually operating.

I then adjusted the idle up throttle bracket on the butterfly so that the engine would idle between 800-900 rpm. Calibrated the TPS for this adjustment and once again while revving I would hear the iac pulling air into the system but not off throttle. I disconnected it entirely and it did this again. Therefore it isn't actually operating. I'm at a lost as to why it actually isn't operating since it was physically installed correctly and wired up correctly as well. For these two pin solenoids polarity isn't important with respect to the connector so I don't think it's that. I am unsure if it has to do with the actual Idle Speed Control Ecu Settings and the Idle Base Position Table. I tried adjusting the %DC on the Base Position Table but this did not work so before I damaged anything I said I would check here first since I'm not a tuner.

Has anyone ever encountered such a problem before while dealing with these solenoids? I've attached my pcl file if it was required. Thanks


Current Engine Map 2017.09.14.pclr

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Not many of the settings in your pclr made sense so attached below is your map modified with some more typical starting settings.  Note you can test the idle valve just by setting the aux output to "Test pwm" mode and you should here the valve clicking (engine off).

You will then follow the procedure below starting from step 4:


Current Engine Map 2017.09.14 new Idle settings.pclr

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Thanks a lot. Seems the Max Clamp and Idle Base Table values were way off. Tried it and it maintained idle immediately. I then adjusted the values in the Idle Base Table to where I wanted the idle to be and it works perfectly. Thanks once more.

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