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1UZ-FE update


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G'day from Oz


I have had this ECU (I assume it is a G1) running my 1UZ-FE in the boat happily for many years and has been very reliable. I have recently bolted a blower on top and obviously need to do some tweaking, i have got a tune that is running the same set up on a similar boat that I can dial in but the ten dollar question is are these too old to be PC programmable or do i have to dial in manually on the hand controller?

I know the general advise would be to upgrade to a current ECU, which would be nice but am trying to avoid the cost and work of starting from scratch.

Link ECU.jpg


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I have come across another option of replacing with a G3 unit, would this plug straight into the existing loom as it has been confirmed that model is PC programmable. From the pics i have seen it looks like the same sort of case and plug.

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Perhaps they look similar but the G3 is very different.  The G1 had a 17 pin connector whereas the G3 has 26.



The G3 is actually a much better ECU and can even be upgraded with the G4 firmware, but you wont be able to load or copy a G1 map into it or anything like that.  It will be no easier to upgrade to the G3 than it would be to upgrade to the newest G4+.

Unfortunately, there is no direct, easy upgrade path for the G1.

Having said that if the only change has been adding a blower it should only need some tweaks to the main fuel and ignition tables in your original tune, if you find a tuner that still remembers how the G1 works there it shouldnt be a massive job to do that. 


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