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I can help guide you here although the Atom can be a bit limited in this respect.  What would you ideally like to do?  Limit RPM purely based on wheel speed, or do you have something else to consider for launch control like a clutch switch?  Are you trying to build boost or just limit wheel slip?

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Ok, you still didnt tell me much about your setup and what you want to do but hopefully this example will give you some ideas...



So in this example I have set up a virtual aux to "switch on" when wheel speed is less than 10KMH.  I have assigned this virtual aux to an axis in a GP Limit table, this will give us a 6000RPM limit when the Virtual aux is on and a 10000RPM limit when the VA is off.

I have then set up 4D fuel and ignition tables that are activated by this same VA.  Whenever wheel speed is <10KMH, the 4D fuel will add 10% fuel and the 4D ign will retard ign 20degs.

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