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Linkplus Lexus V8 Trigger wiring

Matt Dunn

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I have been given the task of wiring a Linkplus G1 to the Lexus V8 and have a couple of questions.

I think it is a Linkplus V14 and has lexusv8 on the sticker on the end so I presume it has the right sub board in it.

First question is on the trigger wiring.  There is two shielded wires in the loom for triggers, a grey and a black,

which appear to have a trigger wire, a Shield and a wire that I think went to the 8V feed?

The two wires from the crank and cam sensors, do i connect them to the power feed and the trigger signal wire,

or do I connect to the Trigger wire and the shield wire and that the power feed wire in the loom is not used.


Second question is if I scope the triggers I take it that the crank trigger will look similar to a toyota 24 tooth signal,

and the camshaft one will be a single pulse?.

It is probably easier for me to work out the trigger wiring by scoping the signals

than by actually getting to the sensors themselves.





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