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FG Barra, VCT question

Max hayman

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Hi all,

just looking for a bit of concrete answers before purchasing some remaining hardware for my next project,

Have a FG Barra motor going into a SWB patrol, running a new link fury,

I’m wanting to keep the duel VCT that the FG runs but a bit unsure of how to wire the ECU triggers up,

The FG runs the single crank sensor  and two cam sensors,

i would assume one trigger to the crank, what about the other? And would the VCT effect the timing for the cam sensors? Effectively throwing out spark timing ect?




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Set up the same as the BA XR6 info in the help file.

Crank sensor wired to Trigger 1.

Inlet Cam wired to Trigger 2.

Ex cam wired to Digital input 1 - 4.


Trigger 2 serves two purposes - certain teeth are looked at so the ECU knows what "phase" of the engine cycle it is on (ie exhaust or compression stroke), it is also used to control the VCT position.  So the Ignition timing will always be right regardless of the cam position - the majority of engine position info comes from the crank. 


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