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Ecotrons ALM CAN II and Plug in


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Hi again everyone. I wasn't sure where to put this, so I will ask a couple of questions related to the G4+ plug in also (300Z).

I received my ALM CAN II the other day, and I was surprised that it had a connector on the cable labelled CAN (see pic). I was expecting just a twisted pair, so I am not sure if they have actually sent me a serial jobbie accidentally. I popped the connector off and there are only 2 wires (other pic).


Have asked the question without reply as yet and I want to get cracking on this ASAP.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Now related to the plug in, what is the best way to connect? This?



Seems I have reached my attachment limit, so sorry for the tiny pic

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Those are your CAN H & CAN L, cant tell you which is which but would assume it is mentioned in their manual.  The DB9 connector is quite commonly used for CAN - although more in industrial control than automotive.

The linked NZEFI CAN pigtail is a good option or you can get a CANPCB cable off a link dealer and either chop the end off to use your own connector or connect to it with our matching CANF plug.  I suspect that device will need a terminating resistor added also.



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