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Flex Fuel Setup

George GEP

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Make sure you understand the difference between the Multi Fuel Ratio table and the Fuel ratio table.

Each adjusts different parameters. Also the fuel ratio table defaults to having the multi fuel ratio table as the X axis which is fine until you adjust the multifuel ratio table which in turn adjusts the fuel ratio table. As I understand it you should only have for adjust your multifuel ratio table if your ethanol sensors readings are offset. 

Your fuel ratio table should be adjusted for a linear interpretation between you base and secondary fuel. So for me 100% VE MAP 2 was at 84% as the E85 I use maxes out at this ethanol content %. Don’t make the mistake I did by also making the multi fuel ratio table 100% at 84% ethanol. This is incorrect if your ethanol sensor is reading accurately. 


Hope my mistake helps others.



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