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Link Thunder wont power up?


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Hey guys,


Finished up the wiring on the Thunder today, came to that time to power it all up anddd nothing. 


No LED on the ECU or anything. I tried running just power and ground to the ECU via pins A5, A25 and A34, and still nothing?  I assume this is the bare minimum to get it to power up, if anyone knows any differently, please let me know


Any help would be great, thanks! 

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How are you wiring the Thunder - with power hold or without? Using one of the scenarios as per the help file? Or just hooking up +12V on A5 and ground on A34(=A25)?


When I first connected my Thunder it was via A5 & A34 and a USB cable so I could connect to the PCLink and unlock the ECU. In the car I've wired it up first without and then with the hold power function. ECU powered up fine in any of these scenarios.

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At the moment I'm trying bare bones wiring just to try and get any ecu activity. So I'm supplying 12v to A5 and ground to A25 and A34 (not sure if both are required but I thought better than not connected). Literally just by battery positive and negative to these wires and nothing at all.


The fact that yours worked by just A5 and A34 kind of worries me. I highly doubt it, but I cant help but wonder if something is wrong with my ecu internally.  

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Hi Damo,

You should only need 12V on A5 & gnd A25 or A34 as it sounds you have already done.

I have replied to your Tech support case with a couple of further questions so we will keep the discussion going via that platform initially and see where that leads us.

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