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G4+ S6 RX7 Plug In


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I made use of the RX7 plug in sale earlier this year as i'm building a single turbo RX7.

Does the S6 plug in ECU control the “Purge Control Valve”  which vents the charcoal canister into the inlet manifold? or is it uncontrolled and the solenoid is always closed?

I don’t want to use up any of the additional outputs as I already allocated them to stuff

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Sorry for dragging up an old thread.

I see that on the S6 rx7  plug in ecu it is recommended to use the AC relay as a 4th ignition trigger (pin 87) when running direct fire.


Can someone give me some recommendations on how I go about rewiring this?

Do I need to run a new wire for the coil trigger from the ecu or use a now unused wire form the harness. If so which wire should I use? And where can I access this in the harness?

Also after I unplug pin 87 (ac relay) can I just plug it into a free output? i.e PRC solenoid (pin 7) or CEL (pin 52) or are there any other suggestions?


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You have it right.  You will have to run a completely new wire from pin 87 to the 4th coil/ignitor.

For the AC relay I believe in that car they are powered up in the "ACC" key position so it could back feed if connected to a normal aux output, it will be best to connect to injector 7 (pin 52) as the injector drive wont back feed.

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