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Driven speed corrections?


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Hi all, not sure if currently possible, or possible in the future, but I would love to be able to apply a correction factor to the displayed speed.

I have a shorter than factory diff, which wasn't an issue previously as the speedo had been modified to display correctly (with a potentiometer I think). But I didn't consider that when I did the dash install, so now I have to guess my actual road speed.

Some kind of calc would be fantastic to allow for this, or tyre size changes etc to keep the actual speed accurate.

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The actual speed sensor for the Z32 is in the gearbox, and is surfaced in the software as DI3 LR Wheel Sensor. Not exactly sure what chain of events gets the signal from the gearbox sensor to the DI. I am pretty sure the sensor goes straight to the speedo and then to the ECU (PIN 53).

When I say 'dash' I am simply displaying PC link on a screen, no CAN devices or connections other than the widebands.

I am quite sure that PC link is displaying what would be the correct speed if I have a factory diff and tyres close to stock rolling diam.

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