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CAN Lambda Error 54 Excess pump current

Tim D

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Hi, please could I have some help, I have a Closed Loop CAN Lambda on my Subaru Impreza, but have run into a problem. 

I now see "CAN Lambda Error 54 Excess pump current" and the Lambda goes to  10.119 shortly after starting.

Not sure if this is an error I have somehow introduced as I have been looking into CAN streams and adding a custom dash.  So far, I have only configured a CAN stream on CAN Module 2, at ID 1300, believing that this would have no interaction with CAN Lambda Module 1 at ID 950.

I have not got as far as connecting anything to the ECU as yet.

I have since loaded a previous know good tune but the problem persists.

The CAN status is all good (green) in PC Link, see pictures below...






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Hi All. 

 I have experienced  this error, the sensor would have covered around 5000kms.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent it? Is it the sensor at fault or the unit?

I have a relay & power is drawn from the battery, I don't have the capacitor. 

Appreciate the assistance. 


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Thanks mate.

I found this article, based on it, I think I have 2 issues, sensor is more than 1m away from the engine & turbo seals are worn.

These will be remedied soon, going single turbo.. Hope I don't kill another sensor till then.


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