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WRX Ign Trim tables pairing

Rob W

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Ign Trim Tables

Could someone please tell me which cylinders should be paired There is an example in the help files for wasted spark but it's for a 6 cylinder, so I'm sort of not sure.


Sorry couldn't find anything in the search

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3 hours ago, Stevieturbo said:

But what exactly are you pairing and why ?

I suspect the OP's query "ign trim tables" was for the knock control ignition retard tables.  With wasted spark ignition our ECU's cant retard individual cylinders, we can only retard the pair of cylinders that are attached to the same ignition drive.  So you point these pairs of cylinders to the same ignition trim table. 


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58 minutes ago, Stevieturbo said:

Surely as long as crank/cam are present it still knows which cylinder is active at any given time despite wasted spark so it should be able to trim on a per cylinder basis ? Or is it just a Link software thing ?

Yeah it is just the way it works in our firmware.  

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