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GM3 bar won't calibrate


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We switched a running driving car from a toyota st185 Map sensor to a GM 3bar sensor. Checked the wiring a dozen times. When we try to calibrate it using the Map sensor calibration, we get this error
"Calibration failed, sensor is <5hg or >5hg"

Run time values look normal and sensor does show proper change in voltage when running vs off vs sensor disconnected.


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For a MAP sensor to successfully calibrate, it must read within 5KPa of the factory calibrated BAP sensor.  You can go to the "General" tab of the runtimes screen to see both those parameters.

I assume you have changed the calibration on the analog input settings?  Where did the sensor come from? does it have a part number on it?  There are a lot of very poor quality "fakes" of these sensors around so you possibly found one.

Can you tell me what the BAP and MAP read with ignition on, engine off.

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Thank you Adam for the explanation. I suspected this "new never used" sensor from Rock auto  might be too good for the price I paid. I did change the input settings to reflect the Gm3bar. This sensor does NOT have a part number on it.

Here is the BAP and Map IG on Eng Off


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There are some 3 and 4 bar GM sensors around that are not "GM"...

The 4 bar non genuine one works well and I do have the calibration information for that one at work.

The 3 bar non genuine one also works well but I don't recall if I have the calibration details for it. Will look.

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