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350Z G4+Plugin Closed Loop Lambda


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Hello everyone.

350 Z Stoich Mode (Narrow Band) Closed Loop Lambda reflects which signal of AN Volt 10 - O2 Sig RF or AN Volt 11 - O2 Sig LF?
Right side? Left side ? Or both?
The set values of AN Volt 10 - O2 Sig RF and AN Volt 11 - O2 Sig LF remain the default of the 350 Z base map.

Best regards



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If you have dual channel mode turned off then you can assign either of the AN Volt channels you want to CLL.

The settings below would give you dual bank control.  Note however there may be a problem with dual bank control in the current firmware - I'm not sure about narrowband mode but I know dual bank wideband mode doesnt work correctly at present.  That will be fixed in the next firmware which is not far away.


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No, you cant connect a wideband sensor direct to the ECU, they will need their own controllers.  If you have widebands with controllers that output a 0-5V analog voltage signal then yes you can connect the controllers in place of the narrowband sensors.

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