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12v Hall Sensor

Grant Baker

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I assume there is no problem with using a 12v Hall sensor?

I'm just finishing an MG ZT Turbo (Rover sensors) and the crank and cam sensors are 3 wires with the OEM wiring diagram showing 12v, signal, earth.

I'm getting no signal from the sensors though... Tried with and without pullup. Crank oscilloscope in PC Link shows a flat line and no signal at all.

The pattern is a Rover 1L6 style.

Any ideas?

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I think Grant is more asking if a 0-12V signal into a trigger input is ok, the answer is yes.  Although as Tim points out not many have an internal pullup anyhow, so most hall sensors that are powered by 12V wont actually put out a 12V signal - it will be whatever the pull-up supply is. 

Is it a K series?  All K series I have seen use a reluctor on the crank, hall on the cam if fitted.  Otherwise, if you are sure they are both hall sensors then it most likely is a pinout issue.

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It is a K Series yes, fitted to an MG ZT, with the sensor in the top face of the gearbox, not the rear face.

OEM wiring diagrams show both Crank and Cam sensors to have a 12v feed... It's the only MG/Rover to use Hall Sensors for crank AND cam.

I'll check the wiring done by the sparky on Monday.

Out of interest, do you tend to see these more as rising edge or falling edge?

Thanks again!

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We have only just recently added the Rover 1L6 pattern with cam sync, it will be available in the next firmware.  That triggermode has been designed to use the falling edge on the cam sensor.  All scopes we had from that engine with a cam sensor had reluctor on the flywheel so you will have to do a triggerscope when you have it working and send that to us, we will confirm which edge best matches the expected pattern.

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