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ISC with E Throttle?


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Hello All

Chatting with my tuner about E throttle.. Idle control came up in conversation when using E throttle.

Now as i understand, normal E throttle setups use the throttle plate to control idle, does this completely negate the use of a 2 wire ISC solenoid or any ISC for that matter?

My concerns with E throttle controlling idle is the lack of resolution, 1% of plate movement has the potential to bypass a large amount of air. He even mentioned one vehicle he had, 0.1% of throttle input was too much  in plate opening.

When the ignition switch is turned on, does the E throttle crack open X % to allow for base air bypass for starting and idling? IE, the factory ISC has a bleed screw  that sets the base bleed air manually and then the ISC takes over for fine adjustment.

Another question we both had was when selecting E throttle, is the option still available to use a solenoid valve for ISC rather than the throttle plate for idle?

Sorry for all of these questions, i would be able to answer a lot of these if i had the ECU on power already but alas i haven't finalised my configuration yet therefore i haven't starting wiring. Trying to cover off all my bases - reworking wiring is something i certainly do not want.


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You are correct and the bigger the throttle relative to the engine size the harder the control get for idle over E throttle.

It is a nice option to have a dedicated Idle solenoid particularly if its a smaller cc engine with a large throttle. 

ECU wise you can have E throttle and then all the idle control done conventionally.

All the same idle control options exist on E throttle only.

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