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BMW r1200gs engine on airboat odd issue

Brad Burnett

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Customer brought in he is BWM r1200gs airboat that we built some time ago.  

Currently having some issues under load north of 5k rpm.  Basically the Rpm just rolls over and wont accelerate further.  

We have changed out the fuel pump as we were experiencing some pressure drop at the same time as the issues but that didn't help much.  

New fpr is on order.


Attached is a copy of the calibration and a log showing the issues.  

Hopefully you guys may catch something that i have missed.

4-7-18 Frank Fisher BASE2.pclr

frank fisher bmw airboat issues1.llg

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A couple of comments:

  1. Ignition table looks backwards for a NA engine, only 9.5deg at full noise?  Reverse your Y axis and it would look more like what I would expect
  2. Firmware could do with an update.  I dont see any firmware related problems affecting you in the log but there have been many improvements since 5.6.2.
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I'm not disagreeing with you as for the ignition timing.  But this thing used to work just fine with zero issues.  Was running it extremely conservative as the owner uses cheap ass fuel and the engine was never on a dyno of any sort.

Ill check with a firm ware update.  But I'm very much leaning on this issue being something physical on the engine.  Just was trying to make sure there wasn't something that i was over looking in the calibration.

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Just to update this.

Since the original post:

New FPR fitted.... fuel pressure is back to stable at factory setting with no further pressure drop.

New coils have been fitted with zero change to running condition.

New spark plugs have also been fitted.

Yesterday we removed and cleaned the injectors.  Once fitted, will report back with status update.

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