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Need Help ST185 (3sgte) PnP


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I have Link ST185 pnp ecu and i can't get my car to stay on.The mr2 has ID2000 injectors and oem 3sgte gen4 coils & trigger sensors.I changed injector dead time values to to the values injector dynamics have on their website for 43.5 fuel pressure.Wondering if any could help me i am new at this

MR2 3SGTE 4-7-18.pclr

Log 2018-04-7 MR2.llg

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A couple of thoughts:

  1. ID2000's are high impedance but the car had low imp std, did you remove the injector ballast resistor?
  2. Your map has a 5D ignition table turned on with 50deg retard in it and then 65 deg advance in the main ignition table?  What is that about?  As soon as the engine starts to make vacuum it will move out of those highly advanced cells and stall...  I suggest you turn the 4D and 5D tables off and put some normal numbers in your main table.
  3. There are trigger errors counting up.  I see you have set 36-2 on crank - are you sure the cam only has a single tooth?  Can you do a Triggerscope so we can check what the problem is here.
  4. Have you done an ignition(coil) test and synced the base timing?
  5. Just for future reference - your log doesnt have many channels recorded, next time hit the "Add all" button at the bottom of the logging setup screen so we get more complete data.
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1. Yes i removed the injector ballast resistor.

2. I switched the 4D and 5D tables off changed the main ignition table values to the ST185 ignition values.

3. Yes the cam has a single tooth and i attached trigger scope log below.

4.All four coils spark and i also re-checked the base timing with a timing light.


Trigger Scope Log 2018-04-8.llg

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can we get an updated pclr after the changes Adam suggested, and log of it starting and failing, then starting and staying on as you give it gas - with the additional logging paramters?

Its probably not the cause of this particualr problem, but your IAT is reading -23 deg C but your ECT is 14C. Id guess at least one of these sensors is running the wrong calibration. Are these both the factory toyota sensors?

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I think youve got a wiring problem with your lambda sensor or a massive exhaust leak near the sensor, or if youve got a programmable sensor like an LC1 then you've got it programmed wrong

calculating back to work out what your received voltage will be to give those readings, the 0.78 ish lambda number is 0.7 ish volt, then it jumps straight to 1.33 ish lambda which is about 4.7-4.8 volt. My money is on there being a voltage offset of about 0.2 volt because of wiring, and the lambda sensor output jumping from what should be 0.5v (min) straight to 4.5v (max). 

Your injector pulse width doesnt change between when its reporting 0.78lambda and when it reports 1.32 lambda so its not registering actual fuelling changes.

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I have 3 Knock sensor available.Using the oem 3sgte ST215 resonant frequency sensor and I have a GM knock sensor not installed last one is a 2 wire non-resonant knock sensor.Do I have to turn on knock mode for the link to read the 3sgte ST215 knock sensor.

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