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Stutter over 50% TP

Typ17 16vg60

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Hallo alle, 

Zuerst bekomme ich mein Auto in Betrieb, :)aber ich habe ein großes Problem durch Beschleunigung mit mehr als 50% TP. 

Es ist gleich mit 0,8 bar oder höher. Ich kann nur mit maximal 50% tp über diesen Punkt beschleunigen, ich habe nur Stottern ... 

Ich versuche mit Zündwinkel und Spulenladezeit zu spielen und mit Kraftstoff (magerer, reicher) keine Veränderung. 


1.8l 16v VW (von Kaninchen mk2) 

9.0: 1

Siemens deka 630cc

Voller Port-Kopf

Große Aufnahme

Großer Ladeluftkühler 

G60 Gashebel

BG 6758 t25

76mm Fallrohr 

70mm Auspuff komplett 

Nur 102 Oktan 

Vielleicht hat jemand eine Idee für mein Problem

Und Entschuldigung für mein Englisch, ich bin Deutscher ... 

Schöne Grüße 





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Thanks for answer 

I drive from audi rs2 (Bosch f2cs) and push to 0.65 (every time) 

It's feeling like so a problem that you mean. And by 0.9bar it's not so the big problem for sparkplug. 

Today is raining, tomorrow I test to play a little with injector timing, maybe it's to late the 420°

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In your logs you have something weird going on with accel enrichment also.  Even though TP isnt moving much you have lots of accel enrichment activity.  Check your accel setting, something must be wrong there - maybe sensitivity is too high.


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Thank you Adam,

I play a little with accel before I was lean by moving the gas pedal, but the behavior of the engine is equal to more than 50% tp with the same boost all the time. I mount a double throttle from an old vw G60 (a small D = 35mm and a larger D = 55mm plate). The small open with 50tp 45 ° angle and at this point move the large plate 2: 1 to the full opening. Maybe that's my problem? But I do not see anything in the log, that's my problem.

I try to compensate with the fuel table 2, but no change.

Maybe it's too much airflow over 50tp and the timing angle for the injector timing is too late at this point?

Thank you and greetings

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If Your afrs are fine and voltage to Your coils under load are fine, and Your coil grounds are fine, I still suspect you are having a spark misfire. Are you running the vw 4 pin cops? Adjust gap to 0,50 mm and see if it makes a difference.

Tip: You should type in English so all people here do understand:)

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Ou sh** sry, it was my automaticly web site translater... 

OK i try to make the afr stabil and try to push the sparkplug to 0.50mm

This time I have a gape of 0.65 (series 0.75)

And yes I mounting the red coils from 2l tfsi (ngk u5014) 

I give feedback after the test tomorrow 


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Hello all, 

It gives new results, after accel fuel setting and sense the afr value was the stuttering there too. 

I push the sparkplug to 0.50mm no effect happening. 

After setting the injection timing ( end of injection) from angle 420 constant to 400°  over increased rpm to 290°. Now it runs with 1.0 bar and 50 - 100%TP very smoothy now. 

In lower engine speed is 400° the best feeling point. 

Maybe another one got The same syntome. 

Where it come from is interesting 



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