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Power Wiring 2GR-FE G4+ Fury


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I am looking for some guidance.  I am putting a 2GR-FE in a MR2 and turbo'ing it.  I have the Link G4+ Fury.  I am starting to lay out the wires but am wondering the best way to combine the power for things like the Coils and Injectors.  The same for a lot of grounds.

Is it common to run power to INJ 1 then jump it to the next one and so on.

For reference I have labeled the cylinders by their firing order which is with the cam gear on the right, back left is Cyl 1 Front left is Cyl 2 back middle is 3 and so on.  I believe firing order is 1,2,3,4,5,6 with the labeling as I mentioned.

Same question for the 5V items like sensors and DBW TB.

Thanks for the help. 


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For the injector +14v line I take them back into the loom and use a glued heat shrink tyco splice to pull them back to the relay.

5v are fine to splice the same way.

the grounds must be run separate to the grounding point on the engine.


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Thanks for the feedback.  


Anyone have pointers for a base map or tips for 2gr with a turbo?


I am still a few weeks from turning the key for the first time then have to make the exhaust and intake piping. 

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