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How activated VVT on Vw 1.8t v88TB


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You will need to set up and output for cam control (aux1-4) once an output is assigned you will get a target table. There is of course other VVT settings that will need to be set to match the application.

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If its on off type  then there is no map as such. You set the Aux to CAM switched and then assign the conditions you want it to switch under.

This would typically be RPM above and below X Y values and TPS above value. With all 3 conditions needing to be met.

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My understanding of the VAG1.8 VCT (with the moving tensioner system) is there is no performance benefit to be found, it is mostly only there to reduce cold start emissions.


21 hours ago, sagishm said:

aux 8 to Cam switcher, it's true?

If you have our TT Plugin ecu then it looks to me like Inj 6 is connected to the cam solenoid

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