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2grfe Supercharged- Error:2nd cam pulse


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I'm having some trouble with setting the cam offset for my Fury install in my 2grfe swapped MR2. I've done the cam angle test and managed to get 3 of the 4 set. The one that I'm having trouble with is "Inlet Cam RH". I also use this as Trigger #2. I did do the cam angle test on this sensor as well, and when I input the offset I get "Error: 2nd Cam Pulse", and I don't know what to do with it. I can't find much info here in the forum, or in the help document.

Trigger log - 18-04-16.llg

Inlet Cam Error.png

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Thanks Brad! I've solved it, although it might have just been because I'm an idiot. I swapped things around as you mentioned. I had the Inlet Right as the trigger since I had mixed up left/right, versus Bank1/2, which was what I was used to thinking about. Anyways, I swapped things as you recommended and I wasn't getting any signal from the inlet RH, so I checked continuity through from the sensor plug to the ECU  plugs and all were as expected, so I plugged it back in and it all worked. So, what I think happened is that I didn't push the sensor plug all the way in. I can use the excuse that one of the little tabs is cracked off, but really I should have known better to push it all the way in and confirm that it was locked in place. 

Anyways, I'm well on my way now, all the cam offsets are set and working, now I just need to get my insurance, put it on the road and head down for a proper dyno tune!

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