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MINI Cooper s Wideband sensor wiring


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Hi Guys,

I have the Link G4+ ecu specifically for the mini cooper s.... I havent yet fitted my ECU but when i do i would like to install a wideband sensor at the same time so that i can get it tuned. Which one would you recommend (was looking at this https://shopbhp.com/products/bosch-lsu-4-9-wideband-sensor-plug-for-link-ecus-long-90cm or this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3844-Innovate-MTX-L-Air-Fuel-Ratio-Wideband-Gauge-Kit-AFR-w-O-Sensor-LSU-4-9-/232726626839, and what additional looms will I require if any? Secondly, how do i got about wiring the the sensor to the ECU i.e. what wire goes where. really would like to get this setup asap if possible!

Thanks for your help,


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Hi Jon,

I wouldn't recommend the innovate mtx-l, I had one myself and it just gave up one day. Seems to be a really common overheating fault, I found a lot of online posts about it.

Also the first option is only a sensor, I'm 90% sure you will need a controller as well to connect to the ECU.  I could be wrong here, someone from Link can correct me.

I went with the Link CAN Lambda myself and its been great. It uses CAN so wont take up an input you could use for something else.

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11 hours ago, Alan said:

I use the MTX-L with the MiniLink G4+ on my 2003 R53.

RED wire to switched 12V

BLACK & WHITE wires to GND

YELLOW to Pin 9 (AN Volt 7)


And make sure to ground the controller at the same grounding point as the ECU. 

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Tis annoying because the can lambda is so expensive in comparison. would love it but its double the price. also the fact that it is can how does it get wired in? my other concern is my obd port doesn't work, and im not sure if this is down to dodgy can connections or not....

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Hello Alan, 

....coming back to Your 3 yrs old advice on how to connect the gauge/controller cables of the MTX-L device :  what´s about the BROWN cable ( cable No.5 ) ? Did You reconnect it to the cable of the original O2 - sensor ?  And did You You completely remove or disconnect the 2nd O2-sensor ( means the post-CAT ) ?? Would You pls. share such details ??   Thanks in advance_Lutz  

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Thanks Alan ...for swift replay ! And sorry for still bothering ....  when You have removed both original O2 sensors - how did You handle both "lost" sensor connectors incl. their cables ?  Did You just leave them in place  ?  If so - do such signalless inputs to ECU not create error/failures ? Looking to G4X pin manual there is pin position 9 for sensor No.1 ( as You have informed ...) and pin position No.43 ... for O2 sensor No.2 ( postCat ) ...   Can it just stay as it is ( with the lost signal from postCat  sensor No.2   ??     Thanks again ! 


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