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Engine starts, just lean and stalling ? (first setup).


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Sorry for another question. But my Cosworth YB will not start. As if no fuel or correct ignition.

Are there any common ECU setup pitfalls that may prevent the car for starting.

Its direct injection ASNU 900cc, with Honda K20 coil on plugs. I have tested the injectors (test function) and I can hear them pulse when each is tested, settings: Saturated, modelled, 900cc. Ignition settings: direct spark, falling, ms, 50us, 1.0ms.

Crank 36-1 it timed with timing light to the std 16 BTDC timing with an offset of -56 degrees (so missing pin is approx. 72 degrees BTDC), settings: Multi tooth/Missing, reluctor, crank, 36, 1,  

I have Trig2 (Cam 1 pin) positioned approximately 90 degrees ATDC so these are just under 180 degrees apart. Settings: reluctor, cam pulse x1.  What I don't see here is the ability to specify where in the 720 degrees engine cycle the Cam trigger is detected ?? Is this automatically expected in the first 360 degrees ???

Any help appreciated. Thanks.


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thanks, engine is firing on starter, just wont run on its own. 

At least I'm one step further forward. Just need to sort idle controls I guess. Is there any guidance on what Idle control 'startup step table' values should be etc ??

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I would disable the Idle control totally for the initial set up until you have a tune done.

Easiest is to unplug the solenoid. And then get the idle set on the butterfly. 

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OK. so the car will run but only with throttle. The lambda is just going to 1.3 and cutting out unless I give some throttle.

this is not something I have done before so don't really know what are typical figures so here's some of my settings:

not set any pre/post crank enrichment, do I need to if the car starts and is running for 10 sec with some throttle?

Injectors are about 2.5% duty. 

Am I just not giving enough fuel? should enrichments be far more significant?




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Did you start off with a base map that was in traditional mode then switch it to modelled? That fuel table looks to have very low numbers for a modelled setup.

Try copying the entire fuel table1 from the monsoon base map over top of your current fuel table 1. This should give you a much better starting point and might mean you can leave your injector details where they should be (assuming you have entered real numbers and not just guessed/left them on defaults). What Adam has suggested should get it to run, but in modelled mode you want your injector data to be pretty accurate before you start tuning it for real - ie you'll have to set your injector flow rate correctly at some point anyway, not just run a deliberately lower flow rate forever.

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How do you get the different base maps?  that was the sort of feedback I was after as I don't know what the numbers typically should be. The fuel table was preloaded and not specific my ecu supplier informs me.

Yes I have input specific ASNU injector data for their 90/900 injector.

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with the ECU connected, click save as and put a copy of your map somewhere on your laptop. disconnect your ecu, go to file>open, look in C:\Link G4-565\PCLink G4+\Base Maps or wherever you installed the management software. In that base maps folder are all the default maps. Most of them are a bit old and use traditional fuel map, so you can see the fuel numbers in these look similar to yours. Open the monsoon or thunder base maps files. you can then select all the values in fuel1 table and ctrl+c, then open your saved map select all of fuel table1, and click paste. You may also need to change the values on some of the axis - right click to do this. You can also comapre them directly by opening one map, then going to file>compare and it will show you the differences between 2 maps.

Click the 3d button on the fuel table to have a look at the shape, its different between traditional and modelled maps - modelled ones look like a VE table with values of around 100 at 3-4k@100kpa, traditional ones are approximately a linear upwards slope starting at about 25-40 around idle in most cases.

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