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Trigger issues


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Hi.im trying to connect an atom  g4+ to a 260z Nissan running a 1982 Nissan 280zx turbo intercooler engine set up.car was running before wiring in atom.I selected Nissan 360 opto set up.when I do a trigger check in the run values I  don't get a yes or green box for trigger one and hence no rpm or spark.i have tried swapping trigger 1 and trigger 2 around but still don't get trigger 1.I do get trigger 2.the cas is in dizzy.wiring on dizzy is white for crank to trigger 1.green to trigger 2.black to ground.red to 12 volts supplied from fuel pump relay circuit.i have checked continuity and all are connected correctly.i feel there is something I'm not turning on in parameter tables.but not able to find.any suggestions? Second question is on injector grouping.i am running the 6 injectors grouped in twos to 3 injector outputs as previously read for the atoms 4 outputs.but how do I add that to ecu when it only shows me 4 outputs for injector firing order?cheers

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Make sure you have run the ECCS test function to check the widest slot. I'm assuming of the slots on the inner ring one is a bit bigger than the other 5? 

Set Test ECCS Sync to ON.  This will put the ECU into a special mode where it will automatically calculate the position of the widest slot.  Note that in this mode the ECU will disable both fuel and ignition.  Enabling this function will also initialise the ECCS Widest Slot value to 0.

11.Open the Triggers/Limits tab of the Runtime Values window (F12 key).

12.Crank the engine.  This will start the widest slot calculation procedure.  This procedure will take about 4 seconds.  If the procedure executes correctly, the following should be observed:

·The Trig 2 Signal run time value will display YES first, indicating the ECU detects a correct 4, 6 or 8 slot trigger signal.  If this value displays as NO during cranking, check sensor output and wiring.

·Trig 1 Signal runtime value will then display YES, indicating the ECU detects a correct 360 slot trigger signal.  If this value displays as NO during cranking, check sensor output and wiring.

·Finally the ECCS Sync runtime value will display YES when the process has finished.

·ECCS Widest Slot will change from zero to a value indicating the width of the slot (typically between 5 and 25).

13.If after 10 seconds of cranking the ECCS Widest Slot value is still zero, an error has occurred.  Recheck all trigger wiring and test the CAS output.  If this is OK, repeat the entire procedure.

14.If the process completed successfully, switch Test ECCS Sync to OFF.


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Hi Simon,no all wheel slots are the same.When i rotated it,i see the factory system doesn,t use a master slot.(so Atom is not reading a tdc signal?)I attach a picture of an aftermarket wheel made for Mega Squirt systems,for the 280zx turbo cas,should i change to this?and if so,would I still use the Nissan opto 360 set up?or which other set up procedure listed would you suggest?Thanks for your time,cheers


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That disk is an unusual one and I would avoid for our system. One option could be to make one slot wider if you have a way of doing it cleanly on the stock disk.

Or look to some of the other disk options available that are 24 and 1 (no missing slots) For the likes of the RB and SR motors. 



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