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AIM dash configuration

Matt Dunn

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I have an AIM dash and have had it running on my Blue Storm G4+ fine.

I have upgraded to an Extreme Black and copied the program across and it all works fine..

What I want to add is ethanol % on the dash as a display.

The Dash is an older MXL, not the current MXS.

In the dash there is not a channel for Ethanol %, however there are things in there that I dont use.

Is it going to be possible to make it work?

I have had a look through some of the can stuff but it it a bit over my level.

Just would like to know if it is going to be possible ?


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There is the "Secondary injector DC" that is already scaled for 0-100% in the AIM, so we can instead send ethanol % in its position from the link end, at the AIM end all you will need to do is rename that channel.  You can email me your ECU and Dash configs and I will make the change for you or I can give a brief "how to" on here if you like.  NAjJcZt.png


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Ok.  I can see the "secondary injector DC" in the aim and think I can figure out the AiM end.

If you give me a brief how to on here, and if I cant figure it out, I will email the file to you.

I am still in the process of working out what sensors etc I will run to what input etc,

so the map is not complete yet.



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I have been trying to figure it out but have not had success yet getting it to read Ethanol %.

I emailed you a copy of my ECU program to have a look at. If you can have a look and make some changes or suggestions would be appreciated.



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Sorry, I just found I had deleted/archived your email, I just made a change to your file and emailed it back.  The AIM channel that was originally "secondary injector DC" should now display % eth with a bit of luck.

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I have loaded the file and have it working and reading ethanol fine on the dash now.

I have also been able to set some alarms in the dash for low/high ethanol content if it gets to far away from 30%

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