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3sgte COP conversion rev counter


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Hi folks,

Since converting to cop I have lost the rev counter function on the instrument cluster. As per previous threads I have removed the 43k resistor and replaced it with a 1k one however it is still not working. 

Is there any suggestions or something else I should have done? 




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Have you changed where your tacho wiring connects to? Factory it runs from the ignitor (ie it doesnt touch the ecu) and you need to run it to an aux out on the ECU now you have COP.

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You do not remove any resistors. You do not need to use a relay.

Remove the instrument cluster and dismantle (3 screws) to get at the PCB board of the tacho.

Solder a 1kOhm (blue striped) resistor onto the back of the existing resistor...see the second photo.

Re-assemble and locate the wire in the loom at the blue plug connector. Cut this wire and attach a new wire to the Link ECU.

Grant Baker then re-assigned an output to the tacho and it works perfectly.

HTH, John 








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