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Factory Basemap reload GTRLINK - #NGTR+ after factory reset "mishap"


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Starting to move forwards after some hardware mishaps (fuel line leaks) and finally got to the point of booting up the ECU for the first time and doing the checks.

While learning the software I thought I messed up a config and then used "Restore to Factory Setting".  Well, that did the trick of removing all the pre-loaded config for the GTRLINK - #NGTR+.
Is this file available somewhere?  I've tried to search and look thru the base maps that are available but can seem to find the "default" basemap so I can reload it and start over again.

I'm just trying to get thru the initial setup and testing before handing it over to the professionals and since I saw there were some fault codes (before I did the trick with "Factory reset") on the Oxygen sensor (AN Volt 6 below error low value) I have some
"kinks" to work out. 

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated to restore it with the factory pre-loaded basemap. :)

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Thanks, solved it all.  Getting a bit more comfortable with the software.

I'm going to run the  "Trigger Calibration" under "Pre-Start Configuration" could you check if I found the right setting to put the injectors in "OFF"?
See Injector.jpg attached

Side note:  Any idea why the Oil temp is reporting 90C? (See redbox in injector.jpg) Thinking of just ignore and monitor until I've done trigger calibration and first startup?

Also I'm trying to test the connected Boost control solenoid but can't locate in the Config software where I can activate "Test PWM" to test the channel and verify that it's connected
correctly.  Any screenshot where that is hiding out?


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Yes that is the correct setting to switch off fuel.

The oil temp is just the default value since there is no oil temp sensor connected in that car (some gtr's have oil temp gauge but it is not connected to the ECU).


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