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fd3s help...... no crank signal. FFE - hall


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Do you get a spark if you use the ignition test function?  Trigger 2 sync mode should be set to none but I dont think that would stop it sparking.   Are you getting RPM displayed in the software when cranking?

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This indicates you have two seperate problems.  Test mode will work regardless of trigger signal.  If you get no spark in test mode then coils must have either no power or a wiring problem.  What specific AEM coils are you using?

Your trigger settings look ok (except for T2 sync mode mentioned earlier) so it seems you may have a wiring issue with the trigger also.

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Now I cant say for sure on the rotary trigger modes, but with a standard piston engine, if the trigger 2 is config'd to something other than none, there will be no spark. 

Ran into this problem on one of my own cars, was running 60-2 crank with multipoint and wastespark.  Up graded ecu and trig 2 got mistakenly set to cam pulse and had me chasing my tail for a few hours.

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15 hours ago, TechDave said:

Trig1 isn't showing any signal, it's just sitting at 10V.

Was the engine cranking while you pressed capture?

I pressed capture then cranked??


When I'm cranking I get trig1 signal goes from no to yes though??

Is the sensor too close?? When I received it, there was barely a gap. I would go as to say, touching. I have taken 1mm off. Maybe not enough??


Is it maybe because I have wired it with 12v?? Surely that should read 12 in stead of the 10v the scope says??

And the ecu is looking for a different voltage??

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What a complete dumb ass. Previously. I wasn't cranking it long enough for it to register an rpm Signal. 

On that scope log retry I kept it turning over longer to log. Which it did, and will of also given that rpm result , but I wasn't looking for that at the time.

Bangs head against wall several times.....

Thanks for all the help people. 


So what timing settings etc do I need for the direct fire setup.


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