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G4+ supra 3bar MAP calibration


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Hi im trying to calibrate my MAP sensor which is a link 3 bar using stock MAP wiring. Ive selected the link 3 bar sensor from the drop down menu but when trying to calibrate it i have a fault - MAP Sensor Calibration command failed: Current map <5kpa or > 5kpa of baro reading. It says its using AN Volt 1 for MAP sensor. Can anyone tell some things to check or change in order to get this to calibrate. Thanks. Rob.


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To give us some clues what the problem is, go to AN Volt 1 settings, change the error low to 0.0V and the error high to 5.0V.  With engine not running, open up runtimes screen (F12) and have a look at the analog tab as shown below. Tell us what voltage is showing on AN 1.  With the 3 bar sensor it should be about 1.62V at 100Kpa.  


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The voltage you are seeing there matches the stock Supra MAP sensor.  Set MAP sensor type to "ST185" and the calibration will work.

What made you think you have a 3Bar link sensor?  Or maybe it has been wired to a different input, and you still have the stock one in place at the same time?

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