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Looking for a large Roadrace, Drift or Autocross Log


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6 hours ago, whittlebeast said:

Here is a simple MLV trace

Link Trace.png

You should really check out the mixture map function. There is no reason to use an external software. All the pictures you show can easy be done in PC link. In every table a cross is shown to mark which cell is used at. 

You just have to set up new layout pages with things you like to use. Check out Layout > and all the bar graph, navigator, x-y plots etc. 

Of course Mega log viewer is a good log software, but the PC Link logging capabilities are even stronger. 


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I see data from lots of different systems.  Engine data, GPS data, suspension data and all sorts of combinations.  My go to data viewing software of choice is MLV HD.  I am not saying it is always better than the native SW but I can get to an answer I understand and do it fast. Motec I2 and I2 Pro is a good example, powerful if you know your way around but the learning curve is steep.

 Have fun tuning


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