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Surging idle off throttle


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I have a new Atom all wired in. Went thru setting up and it starts great. It is a 4 cyl 2.4 Duratec with 14:1 compression, big overlap cams, IR throttle bodies and SIR.  The closed Lambda is off. I have an Innovate LC1 wired into AN Volt 3. Function Lambda 1, Calibration Innovate LC1, Error Low = 0.00, Error high = 5.00. With the Error Value set to 1.00 Lambda it will start fine and after a few seconds surge up in rpm only to stall. When I increase that Lambda value to 10 it will still surge but not stall out. It just idles for several seconds and surges repeatedly. What the heck am I doing wrong. Thanks

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Leave the lambda error at 1. Assuming all lambda functions are turned off it should have no effect.

Increase your master fuel number and see if it will hold an idle. Being on ITBs you will need to change the main fuel table to TPS.


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If CLL is turned off then the analog error settings or reading from the sensor will have no influence on calculated pulsewidth.

The open loop lambda table is part of the fuel calculation and is basically a multiplier. For instance if you had a 1.0 in that table originally and changed that to 0.9, the ecu would add 10% more fuel.

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